Best Snorkeling In Key West

Jun 30, 2022

Key West, being that it is a tourist destination and a beach getaway, has no shortage of snorkeling companies. So when you are preparing for your next adventure here are some great snorkel tour options to choose from. Snorkeling as we know it now is a recreational activity but with most inventions it was used for more practical purposes in its inception. “The very earliest snorkelers were thought to be sponge farmers on the Grecian island of Crete some 5,000 years ago who used hollow tubes to allow breathing while they kept their faces in the water to free-dive for sponges.” (Source) It’s always nice to have some history on the things that we do today. Now let’s get to the fun!

Key West Snorkeling Tours

Key West Snorkeling Tours

First on the list is the Key West Snorkeling Tours and there are several ways to enjoy snorkeling with this company. They offer a Catamaran Reef Snorkel which offers a 1 hour snorkeling tour at a coral reef and get there by sailing in a luxury 69′ catamaran! They say their crew is, “attentive, knowledgeable and friendly.” Those are some great things to note as you search for the right tour. And to add to the experience they offer beer, wine and soda (most companies offer this). The pricing ranges from $30-55 depending on the time and who is going.

They have some other offerings like dolphin tours and a rum and reggae music themed tour. But the featured tour is the “Island Ting”. This features a catamaran sailing on a 60-Foot boat with up to 40 passengers. Snorkeling at the reef, kayak mangrove exploration, a light breakfast, housemade sangria, libations and full buffet for lunch! The going rate is only $119.95 for this magical experience! Check out more by clicking here.

Fury Water Adventures of Key West

The next touring company we are exploring is Fury Water Adventures of Key West. Fury has it all! It’s for real adventure seeking groups. They have jet skis, parasailing and this Key West gem is also home to a great coral reef morning snorkeling tour! It features a 65 foot catamaran, a large sundeck, shaded lounge, fresh water rinse, and restrooms. And because this is a morning tour there are mimosa’s! Beer and wine, sodas as well as lunch and snacks make this an adventure to remember! “Before entering the water, our friendly and professional crew will be on hand to assist and instruct you. Once you descend “the stairway to the sea”, you will discover the wonders of the undersea with pristine coral reefs and an abundance of marine life including tropical species found no place else on earth.” (Source)

Cheap Snorkeling Key West

It says it all in the name – Cheap Snorkeling Key West. And with tours as low as $59 for kids ages 6-12 (5 and under are free) this is a great deal! “Jump in and discover the natural beauty under the sea with starfish, rays, turtles, conch, corals, sponges, and tropical fish. We will always bring you to the best snorkel spot of the day – from the artificial reef at Archer Key to the famous Great Florida Reef, the only reef located in the continental United States!” (Source) Cheap Snorkeling offers a dolphin watch, sandbar (private oasis getaway), snuba scuba, parasailing, fishing, jet ski, and a beautiful sunset cruise! You could choose one of these things per day and fill up your Key West getaway very quickly. Be sure to book ahead!

Honest Eco

Ok, this company has a very cool mission and they are nailing it! Honest Eco strives to offer its patrons a chance to “experience and learn about the unique Key West ecosystem with a focus on the ecosystem, conservation, sustainability and ethical wildlife viewing.” (Source) They offer organic food options and vegan options to boot! They built an electric boat they named “Squid” so you can, “access protected, calm and clear snorkeling spots so that our crew can point out the most wildlife as they guide you on your snorkel.” (Source) This is a great adventure for the family who wants to explore mother nature, learn about the environment and animals they see while being mindful of how you do it! Check out more info here.

Best Key West snorkeling spots

More Options!

Each tour company puts their own special touch on how they do the tours, food options, and some boats are newer than others. Be sure to do your research and you will find the right one for your family. Here are a few more places to check out and this post doesn’t have all of them so google “Snorkeling in Key West” to find them all!
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