Mallory Square, The Party Never Stops

Aug 1, 2022

On our recent trip to Key West we got to shop in the historic Mallory Square shops which is a 26,000 square foot emporium. It features 20+ shops and businesses and it is located at the end of the lively Whitehead Street (which we wrote a blog that you can check out here). The Key West culture is based around the buzz and excitement of Mallory Square.

Mallory Square Dancing

Sunset Celebration

The featured event takes place daily at Key West with the “Key West Sunset Celebration”. “The nightly festival hosts visitors from all over the world who come to take part in the magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, local musicians, artists, and food vendors that combine for an incredible cultural experience.” (Source) this nightly tradition really took off in the 1960’s when every night was a party!

Mallory Square Key West Sunset

We experienced the most wonderful street performers, live music, comedy shows, food vendors and shopping that we went back the next night. It’s like walking through a passage into another world that has been long forgotten.

Mallory Square Entertainment

You will delight in the booming sounds of local musicians covering your favorite beach tunes while you watch a man standing on chairs stacked 15 feet high while he’s juggling knives… it’s hard to describe how exhilarating the Mallory Square experience is at night.

Sunset at Mallory Square

Shops at Mallory Square

The Blue Hibiscus is a family owned and operated jewelry boutique shop that features handcrafted lines from the US, Brazil, and South Africa. They were delightful to talk shop with so be sure to stop in!

Key West Mallory Square

Next up is the Ocean Blues Studio which is an artist workspace/gallery that represents both , “abstract and contemporary artists through the Florida Keys.” (Source) This is a neat creative space where we could get a behind the scenes look at the creative process that each local artist goes through to get to their final work of art.

If you are into candles and handmade art pieces then Bella Laine is the place for you! The owner, Emily Shipman, started this business by “accident”. “I am basically an artist and candle maker turned accidental entrepreneur.” (Source) Her love for candle making from her time in CA made opening Bella Laine a no brainer. Check out her shop and see all the cool things she is making!

Washed Up In Key West is a unique furniture store that, “creates unique pieces of functional art for your home, built from tropical hardwoods salvaged from around the Florida Keys.” (Source) This was a fun stop on our tour of the shops!

Another cool spot to explore was the Concrete Ship Mercantile! They had a bit of everything with jewelry, Key West inspired home decor, keepsake keychains and more!

All aboard!!! The next art inspired stop was the Backyards of Key West Gallery which featured some unique pieces… “Giclee prints on canvas of Key West cottage homes & iconic buildings like Sloppy Joe’s, Hemingway House, The Curry Mansion, Key West Theater, any many more. All stretched over wooden bars – all printed locally in Key West.” (Source)

The Pera Company showcased, “elegant woven towels made with Aegean cotton/linen blend showcase themselves in absorbency, durability, and versatility.” (Source) They had the coolest textiles! Be sure to stop in and support this lovely business.

Let’s go green with Key West Sail Bags! This shop creates bags out of recycled boat sails. What?!? Talk about a cool idea and a unique keepsake as you travel through the Keys. “The sails are collected from up and down the Florida Keys and are re-sewn into sturdy but fashionable accessories.” (Source) They have a nice online store as well. Click here to browse!

Another artist in the shops is Kassy B Fine Art. Kassy B creates Island themed art and pulls from a variety of mediums to offer a nice collection of pieces. Check out her store as well by clicking here. It was a great stop!

Not to be confused with the viral song… Island Boy Arts @ Damon Designs Gallery is bursting with island themed art that will wow you. “Premier artist Rafael Antonio Medina is a Key West native who has a unique way of representing this island’s beauty.” (Source) Inspired by his grandfather, Danny Acosta, who was also an artist in Key West. His grandfather was a well known sign painter and created the famous, Southernmost Point Bouy that everyone snaps a picture with while in town! (Source) You can check out his art that’s for sale here.

Here are some more shops located at the Mallory Square Mall:

Wello Art Studio

Whit’s Frozen Custard

The Blue Cat

Natures Treasures

Key West Soaps

Bespoke Florists

Cocky Key West

Twisted Tinsel

Native Colors

Don’t Miss Out!

Mallory Square holds a lot of truly unique traditions and the party is always going when you are there! The shops offer a nice look into the art and island culture that makes Key West… well Key West.