No Name Pub

Oct 1, 2021

A Florida Keys Award Winning Pub

Dive bar bliss = ACHIEVED… Food is an essential part of the vacation experience. In our travels we found a pub I would like to tell you about but they don’t have a name. Well they do… The “No Name Pub” is a ZAGAT award winning pub located in the heart of the beautiful Florida Keys. It describes itself as the following, “(a) funky tavern dishes up eclectic pizzas & other homestyle fare such as chili in a rustic setting.” The atmosphere is unique and the dollar bills hanging from the walls… the food cooked to perfection… it makes it a place you can’t miss in your travels through the Keys.

No Name Pub pizza at the bar


The history of this gem dates back to 1931 when a general store that featured bait and tackle was opened at 30813 Watson Blvd, Big Pine Key, Florida. A few years later a room was added onto the building and the restaurant/pub was created! The 1930’s were some interesting times in its history as it served travelers coming off the local ferry and local fisherman. At one point there was even a brothel upstairs… Again, interesting history. The 1940’s saw the end of the brothel and the true birth as a real Florida Keys landmark. While the store stayed open until the 1950’s – in the mid-century it closed and the restaurant went 100% pub and added the name “No Name” to Pub and the rest is history. Well not really – like any bar the 70’s and 80’s were wild and crazy… the money flowing through the Key’s in that timeframe was unreal, “They had so much money in fact they started hanging it on our walls; and another tradition was born.”

Dollar bills hanging from the ceiling at the No Name Pub

Award Winning Everything!

Beer at No Name PubThe menu at No Name Pub might look like your average beach pub’s typical “seen it all” menu but that would be a huge oversight. The whole menu from starters to sandwiches to burgers to the famous pub pizza delivers on some of the best seafood I have had in my travels. The Coconut Shrimp, the Shrimp Pizza, the Conch Fritters…it’s no wonder that they have been winning awards with ZAGAT for years. “No Name Pub has been awarded top scores for food and service in the ZAGAT Survey’s Casual Dining category for many years running. The ZAGAT surveyed over 700 South Florida restaurants and rated the No Name Pub as the ‘Best casual dining experience in the Florida Keys.’” (Source) Started by Tim and Nina Zagat in 1979 in NYC ZAGAT is one of the most distinguished and sought after awards in the restaurant industry. The rigorous rating system doesn’t hand out accolades so this is something to keep in mind when you travel and are looking for a place to dine!

When we last visited we opted for the buffalo wings and pizza paired with an ice cold Corona.

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