Southernmost Point Key West

Key West: The Southernmost Point of the US

Dec 1, 2021

The Southernmost Point of the continental United States of American is Key West, Florida. At the beginning of the historic Whitehead Street we visited the large concrete buoy where thousands go to take pictures to say “I have been to the Southernmost Point!.” You can check out the webcam to get a peak of the view.

Key West has a lot to offer in the clear waters from snorkeling to sailing to dolphin watching the list goes on. When you are in town strolling through Duval street you can hear the sounds of live music being played at the various tiki bars and restaurants. We rented some bikes and scooters to get around with ease so we could take as much in as possible.

Only 90 Miles To Cuba & Bursting With Caribbean Culture

The Southernmost Point is only 90 miles to Cuba. So this was a running theme we saw in our travels in the shopping district. “90 Miles to Cuba” signs were hung in a lot of the bars we strolled by. Shirts, stickers and more feature the tagline. The Caribbean culture is evident in Key West. There many great Caribbean restaurants like Kaya Island Eats, “Serving delicious Caribbean, South Pacific and pacific rim cuisine.” (Source) Mo’s Resturant boasts of a, “Chill, inviting eatery with classic Creole & island comfort eats, including renowned Key lime pie.” (Source) Frita’s Cuban Burger Cafe features traditional Cuban and fusion sandwiches including the delicious Frita Garlic Shrimp Burger described as a, “Frita burger topped with garlic shrimp, and Caribbean slaw.” (Source)

Music In The Southernmost Point

If you want to find a nice bar with entertainment then you don’t have to go far to find it in Key West. We did a bart crawl one of our days in the Key’s and here are some spots to put on your list…

The Schooner Wharf Bar is located at the end of Williams Street and on the water’s edge. The daily entertainment schedule is booked out with music starting as early as 12 pm. The second door deck provides a beautiful outdoor view of the waterfront making this rank high on the list! This bar serves every meal and offers an extensive food and drink selection. There we were humming Buffet’s classic, “there’s booze in the blender and soon it will render… That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.” The fan favorite frozen concoction of the day for us was the “Schooner Vice” which was half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri!!!

Sloppy Joe’s was the next stop on the crawl and we found out it was Ernest Hemmingway’s second favorite bar. The live music was spot on and this bar features a good size stage so it can be pretty loud and fun – if that’s your jam. Be sure to check out this bar and more. I plan on doing a feature on our pub crawl so I will pause there.

As you can see Key West, the Southernmost Point of the US is worth the trip and the stay. There is a lot to explore and there is something for the whole family.